Androgenic blend

Androgenic blend is a term used for various types of sports steroids mixes.

Pharmacists can resort to mixing roids in order to achieve:

  • Greater results, for example boosting the effect by mixing natural and synthetic hormones.
  • Different timing, if you use different esters you have active ingredients with different half-lives. It gives you different levels and peaks.
  • Neutralize side effects. Certain steroids can be used in order to soften the adverse effects of more potent anabolics. For example, androgenic hormones can tackle oestrogenicity etc.

For example, mesterolone is one of the steroids most commonly used in combination to tackle side effects. It is an androgen that contradicts estrogen thus allowing you to avoid swelling and fat buildup when using testosterone or other anabolics with estrogenic effect.

Blends work best for experienced athletes and bodybuilders that need bigger doses and longer cycles. Make sure to study the description of your androgenic blend so you know how to time it properly, when you get your peaks and how long the half-lives of the ingredients are.

If you are a beginner athlete you should not try blends as they require respectful handling and prior experience. When using mixes and long cycles you need to be able to maintain a low-fat and high protein diet as well as intensive workouts.

Androgenic blends have side effects and contraindications depending on the ingredients:

  • All steroids tend to raise blood pressure as well as bad cholesterol.
  • Female athletes should be especially careful with mixes if they want to avoid virilization side effects like voice roughening, acne etc.
  • Make sure the blend does not contain liver toxic agents.

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Androgenic blend
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