Trenbolone base

Trenbolone base is a new word in sports steroids science.

The new drug has hit the market a few years ago, very few people have heard about it before thus there is a need to explain what exactly it is. This new formula is basically a no-acetate suspension with a half-life of 1 day, kicks in in about 2 hours.

Suspension is different from regular solutions having bigger trenbolone crystals that float in the liquid. The particles don’t melt in with the liquid, they are light so they do not fall.

The tren suspension is amazing as a pre-workout stimulator giving you an amazing boost of energy strength and endurance:

  • The heavy weight starts feeling lighter. You get an extreme strength gain.
  • Your reaction time and cognitive function improve greatly.
  • No more fatigue or muscle pain, work out three times as long as you usually do.
  • The post injection site won’t feel sore.

Trenbolone is pure power, it is testosterone times five. The major characteristics that make this drug so huge are:

  • No liver damage whatsoever.
  • Not oestrogenic so you will not have to deal with swelling or fat tissue build-up.

Trenbolone base works best in combination with other steroids, for example use it with long esters. This way you can combine strong peaks together with stable long-lasting levels.

Remember about the possible side effects like bad cholesterol level increase as well as hypertension. Female bodybuilders should not use trenbolone as it can cause virilization. Body acne, scalp balding and oily skin are also common among male users.

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