Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone belongs to synthetic sports steroids developed in the 1960s. It is way milder comparing it to similar medications. The anabolic was synthesized to cover a demand on the market for a drug that is a potent anabolic while having little to none androgenic side effects. It was prescribed as an osteoporosis medication as well as a wasting syndrome treatment.

  • It is oral, mass produced as pills. Very convenient for people that dislike needles and most dosage protocols only require 1 pill per day.
  • The androgenicity is extremely low. The exact androgenic rate is not registered due to being weak.
  • Not estrogenic or progestogenic. The drug is perfect for a cutting cycle. Female bodybuilders use it as a bulking agent as well.

The medication is safe for all ages and genders as female users and even kids can take this drug without having to worry about masculinization effects. For this very reason it is very famous, any trainer or other healthcare professional knows it and can recommend it to you.

Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone does have side effects like any steroid.

  • A prolonged use can cause liver damage as it is a synthetic steroid. Before starting on the anabolics course make sure your liver is good.
  • Also, it is not estrogenic thus can raise your blood cholesterol level.
  • Virilization side effects are still possible among females abusing the dosage.
  • Men can also have body acne and oily skin.

Side effects are easily avoided if you follow the correct dosage.

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Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Androgen, anabolic steroid
4-chlordehydromethyltestosterone, dehydrochloromethyltestosterone, 4-chloromethandienone,