Clomiphene Citrate

Clomiphene Citrate is a non-steroidal anti-estrogenic medication originally used to trigger ovulation in women with fertility issues. The drug is also widely used as a part of a sports steroids cycle. It is very beneficial for male athletes and bodybuilders.

Read on to see how it can help you:

  • For men Clomiphene works as an estrogen blocker tackling gynecomastia, water retention and mood swings.
  • Another great effect of this medication is that it stimulates the production of follicle stimulating hormone, lutein. And lutein in turn stimulates the production of testosterone.
  • Plus, this medication is very affordable comparing to some latest technology estrogen blockers. The new generation blockers cannot be compared to clomiphene when it comes to the value for money.
  • It is legal and you can buy it from any online steroids store without problems.

The medication works best in combination with chorionic gonadotropin and tamoxifen. Together they make up for a post-cycle therapy helping you come back to your natural testosterone levels faster.

Clomiphene citrate can still act as an estrogen for the liver tissues. Also, since the sex hormone levels are low it affects cholesterol level so you should monitor it regularly. Another common side effect is blurred vision, if you are a driver you should be aware of that. Make sure you have a clear vision before driving.

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