Exemestane is a modern estrogen blocker, so far, the most effective one on the online steroids market. This drug is very strong so you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of it. The medication can lower the level down up to 85%. First it was introduced in the year 2000 as a breast cancer drug. Exemestane works by blocking the estrogen synthesizing enzyme. It can also be used by men willing to lower their estrogen levels.

Competitive bodybuilders can benefit from this medication greatly:

  • It is amazing as a post-cycle medication helping you come back to your natural sex hormone production level.
  • You can also use it during the cycle that includes estrogenic steroids, in order to avoid gynecomastia or swelling.
  • 12 to 25 mg per day is enough for a male bodybuilder. Which means you can use half a pill to 1 pill per day. The administration scheme is very simple.

The medication is more expensive than some older more common alternatives. Since it is a new potent drug you will have to pay extra to get your hands on it.

Take Note of The Following

Estrogen lowers the cholesterol level thus lower estrogen level means higher cholesterol. Be prepared to control your blood cholesterol when on exemestane.

Other side effects might be hot flashes, headache or depression. The drug works amazing when other blockers have failed you and your estrogen levels are still high. The medication works best for experienced competitive bodybuilders. Consult with your healthcare specialist before starting on the course and remember to make a blood test.

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