This potent anabolic was first derived in the 1950s and quickly gained notoriety.

Methandienone is first of all the most popular of all the quality steroids. Read on to find out why:

  • It is roughly speaking twice as anabolic as testosterone while only having half of its androgenicity.
  • It is mildly oestrogenic so it will work best for bulking but requires an oestrogen blocker in case the level goes too high.
  • Methandienone causes swelling, the liquid retention is possible but it will be gone once you’re done with the roids course.
  • It is very common and is really affordable. The price for this medication is really affordable.
  • This roid is available in the oral form so you do not have to make injections or suffer from the post injection pain.

Methandienone is very good for athletes or bodybuilders that want to bulk up fast. You will also have to work out more intensely and change your diet to make sure your new routine fits your roid cycle. This way you can make sure that all your gains will remain there even when you’re done with the drugs.

Remember about the following:

  • Control your liver function and your blood cholesterol to make sure methandienone is not harmful for the system.
  • Also, you should check your pressure regularly.
  • Female bodybuilders and athletes might have to deal with the virilization side effects.
  • Men can have oily skin, acne and scalp hair thinning.

This roid is a great option if you are willing to bulk up and do not like needles. It will work for beginners and for shorter cycles as well.

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