Stanozolol is a synthetically derived anabolic steroid. It was a much-needed medication. There was a gap in the market for a drug that can give amazing fast results with little side effects. An all-time industry standard testosterone is very potent but can cause adverse reactions and does not work for some of the athletes that need a milder cycle.

Stanozolol was synthesised to cover the need for an anabolic steroid with less androgenicity or oestrogenicity but at the same time potent muscle tissue stimulating effect.


  • You do not have to worry about side effects like balding or acne, as long as you're taking the correct dose. The med is also suitable for the ladies looking for an anabolic that does not cause virilization.
  • Another great thing about this online steroid is that it is available in both oral and injectable forms. As usual you will have to inject it every other day. Or take pills on the daily basis if you prefer an oral form.
  • It is used for cutting cycles when you want to get ripped. This sports steroid does not retain liquid as it is not oestrogenic.


Stanozolol is really amazing in combination with other roids and hormones as a part of the bulking or cutting cycle. This hormone helps you get rid of the swelling. Plus, it facilitates the effect of testosterone as it lowers the amounts of the so-called sex hormone binding globulin. So, combining stanozolol and testosterone gives much higher levels than when taking the same amounts of the sex hormone on its own.

Adverse Effects

Remember that it can be liver toxic so if you want to take a cycle with stanozolol you should also use some liver supporting drugs. Other side effects are usually associated with the dosage abuse. Individuals that take the correct amounts do not have to worry about any possible adverse reactions.

Where to get Stanozolol

Active substances

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